Bio-Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets
Bio-safety cabinets are available in Stainless steel and GI with PU coated construction. Inner surface are completely line with stainless steel. HEPA filters are of Minipleate type. Differential pressure is monitored through Magnehelic / Minihelic pressure gauges. Working chamber is provided with UV & Illumination tubes. Feather-touch control switch with indicators are provided for the operations of blower / illumination / UV.Bio-safety cabinets are available with various optional Special features such as VFD controlled air-blowers for adjustable airflow, Operation of UV integrated with the front-door movement to avoid accidental exposure to UV rays.

Bio-safety cabinets are available in various standard sizes and custom-built sizes to suit user’s requirement.

Designed to protect PRODUCT / PROCESS / PERSONNEL / ENVIRONMENT from Contaminated created while working with hazardous materials.

Cleanliness Level : CLASS 5 as per ISO 14644-1
Particle Retention : 0.3M & above

 Available Models

Class I Class II – Type A2 Class II – Type B
Class II – Type B1 Class II – Type B2 Class III